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Procurement function evaluation

Based on spend- and need analyses to confirm that procurement is indeed making a positive impact on the profitibality of the organisation.

Procurement function structuring

Taking in to account the results of the spend and needs analyses, as well as the culture and nature of the business.

Staffing of the procurement function

Procurement is a multifunctional discipline and the staffing should reflect this, where practically possible.

Assessment of applicants for vacancies

This can be done using the digitalised Database tool and through interview, to ensure that the candidate fits the culture and possesses the techinical requirement.

Strategic or complex tenders/contracts

A flexible enquiry process designed for an optimal procurement outcome for strategic or complex tenders and contracts using  time-and-application-tested documentation and processes.

Outsourcing processes

From preparation of enquiry documentation to recommendation and final agreement

Policy and procedure documentation

Based on the current practices of the organisation and global best practice relevant to your industry and business.

Master data management

Evaluation and re-specifying of the material / service / supplier data.

Niche procurement software

Specification and development of niche tools to manage complex procurement situations.

Other matters procurement

This includes any matters related to the procurement process such as effective management of contracts, selection of procrement sofware etc.

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Food for thought - does your procurement function:

Have the benefit of top management support and corporate discipline?

Have the right mix of knowledge and skills?

Consolidate your purchasing power?

Recognise the need for master data management?

Provide spend visibility at supplier and category level?

Promote longer, flexible but formalised relationships with suppliers?

Recognise the Pareto principle in the management of the spend?

Understand the need for coding and classification of materials and services?

Have effective control over pricing at item level for at least the top 20% of your spend?

Acknowledge that without measurement, there will not be control?

Measure contract inflation?

Monitor exchange rate sensitivity of spend?

Use some form of task control to ensure that specific tasks are carried out effectively and efficiently?

Maintain a searchable index on contracts, with reminders on expiry- and review dates?

Utilise and manage multi-disciplinary teams for the establishing of contracts?

Have processes in place to minimise "maverick spend"?

Measure contract compliance?

Accepts that "e-procurement" is merely another tool in the procurement toolbox and not a silver bullet?

Work to an approved ethics code?

Have zero-tolerance of crime related to procurement?

Have a process and structure in place to deal with employees and suppliers implicated in crimes and breaches of ethics rules related to the procurement process?

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